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Our new Stratosphere Star Light Sleepers are out of this world. A blend of traditional and unique. The Owner-Operator look and feel you first fell in love with. Workmanship you demand. Uniqueness you look for. Quality of walk-thru design you count on. The latest example of how we build today's elite trucks.

You'll find some of the best news on the inside -- where you work and sleep.
The legendary Western Star cab, much bigger than those other so-called premium trucks. Plenty of leg room between the seats, and even more stand-up room over your head. No more ducking down -- even with your hat on. And the
flat floor between the cab and sleeper means no more step to trip you up.

A whole other world. No Western Star sleeper has ever been this big. This comfortable. This luxurious.

Cab Features Standard
  • Full stand-up roof height through cab and sleeper
  • Flat floor for easy movement from cab to sleeper
  • Roof-mounted air horns and marker lights
  • Integral cab/sleeper air-ride support
  • Stainless steel sunvisor (optional)
  • New Vista window (optional)
  • Sleeper Trim Levels Option
  • Mesa: diamond-stitched vinyl with buttons
  • Phoenix: diamond-stitched cloth with buttons
  • Sleeper Features Standard
  • Foam mattresses
  • Single lower 35" or 42" bunk with netted bunk restraint
  • LHS cabinet with fridge prep and two drawers, with slide-out work surface
        and upper area storage
  • Cab-to-sleeper privacy curtain
  • Easy access to under-bunk storage area
  • Left and right-hand luggage compartment doors
  • Ribbed rubber mat in luggage/tool compartment
  • Two incandescent lamps in luggage/tool compartment activated by luggage door
        switches and bunk switch
  • Convenience door LHS and glass panel RHS
  • Four overhead halogen lamps with individual and main switch control
  • Incandescent floor lamp
  • 12V power outlet mounted in control panel
  • High capacity heater with sleeper control panel
  • Semi-integral mount-to-cab with air-ride support
  • Option
  • Convenience door RHS and glass panel LHS
  • Convenience doors on both sides
  • Glass panels on both sides
  • Sliding rear glass window
  • Stainless steel sleeper skirting with and without lighting
  • Side extenders
  • Roof fairing
  • Optional Storage Features Option
  • RHS cabinet which includes clothes closet with doors, upper storage area and
        shelves for TV and microwave
  • Rear wall storage cabinet with doors
  • Cabinets available in a variety of finishes
  • Comfort Options Option
  • Air conditioner in sleeper
  • Digital automatic temperature control
  • Wide range of vent windows
  • Deluxe spring mattress available in all sizes
  • 48" extra-wide mattress
  • Folding upper bunk option or rear wall storage
  • Sleeper start kit includes: ignition switch, stop engine light, check engine light
        and digital clock
  • Dinette Sleeper Seating Package
  • R-2300 Nova Kool fridge DC
  • TV antenna
  • Panasonic Color 9-inch and 13-inch TVs (aftermarket option)
  • Sanyo 600W 100V Microwave (aftermarket option)
  • Wide range of shore power systems, including 110 AC hook-up, cable
        and phone jacks
  • Variety of stereo systems, including Monsoon stereo.
  • Cab-mounted privacy curtain
  • Enhanced lighting packages
  • Flexibility Features Standard
  • For added resale, the Stratosphere Star Light Sleeper can be easily converted
        into a day cab

  • Western Star Stratosphere Truck
    Western Star Stratosphere Sleeper Truck
    Ultra High Roof Stratosphere: 82" walk-through

    Ultra High Roof Stratosphere: 82" walk-through

    High Roof Stratosphere: 40", 54", 68" and 82

    High Roof Stratosphere:
    40", 54", 68" and 82"

    Low Roof: 40", 54", and 68"

    Ultra Low Roof: 40", 54", and 68"

    Ultra Low Roof:
    40", 54", and 68"

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