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Western Star 5700XE
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The Western Star 5700XE Truck.                    Quick Links: PDF Brochure / Specs >

Western Star 7500XE

5700XE logoWhen we decided to build a new fuel-efficient truck, we didn’t let the industry dictate what it should be. We set out to create something different. Something with the tough, traditional look of a classic truck, but built for the modern age. We didn’t overlook a single detail along the way, improving efficiency, aerodynamics and profitability so significantly, it will sending everyone back to the drawing board.
Western Star 5700XE

    headlights Our new headlights are an exercise in engineering. They’re optimized for aerodynamic performance, with increased brightness for greater visibility and safety. The three-piece design reduces replacement costs, while halogen bulbs are easy to find and easy to replace at low cost. They even excel at staying clear of snow, when the conditions are less than ideal. The all-new LED perimeter light bar adds accent and improved visibility.

    2 LED marker lights and turn signals offer greater visibility and thousands of hours of life compared to incandescent bulbs, saving money on replacement costs. Plus, LEDs are lighter in weight and more aerodynamic than our traditional lights.

    Our aerodynamic Twin Force dual air intakes feed a massive centrally mounted air filter, offering greater airflow with reduced service intervals for reduced maintenance costs.

    4 A modern interpretation of the classic seven-bar Western Star style, the aggressive new 5700XE grille is made of stainless steel with a color-keyed center bar and backed with a metal bug screen standard to help protect the cooling system and save repair costs. An optional factory winter front is available to help maintain operating temperature in extreme, cold climates.

    5The new bumper is a work of art with a stainless steel fascia and body-colored end caps. Its four-piece design reduces replacement costs, and when paired with our under-valance panel, offers incredible under-chassis aerodynamic performance.

    6 Now looking good isn’t a bad thing. Revolutionary in design, the 5700XE’s state-of-the-art sunvisor not only drastically cuts down sun glare, it actually decreases drag, working with the rear slope of the hood to direct air over the cab.

    7 The aggressive new hood retains the Western Star center “Mohawk” while providing an impressive slope for better visibility and aerodynamics. It’s also lighter in weight than our other hoods, with more insulation for less road noise and cooler operation.

    The new hood is easy to open and close, thanks to our gas-charged assisted closing mechanism. It also features a solid three-point mounting system with the proven DTNA “witch hat” seat for better alignment and stability, while proprietary DTNA hood latches clamp with 400 pounds of force for a tighter fit.

    8 Spec our all-new optional chassis side fairings on your build and reduce drag by up to 6% while still providing easy access to your batteries and DEF tank. Plus, the modular construction means you only have to replace those parts that might get damaged, reducing possible repair costs.

    9 The new cab fairings feature rubber side extenders, an innovative design that’s flexible when you need it, while still retaining its shape for when you’re on the road.


playNot your traditional mix and match offering, the Western Star
5700XE features powerful and efficient Detroit power exclusively.
When these engines are coupled with Detroit™ axles and the
DT12® transmission, you get a dependable package that’s engineered
and designed by one manufacturer, maximizing power, fuel economy
and performance while providing the industry’s best driving
experience – all supported and covered by a single factory warranty.

You can also take efficiency to the next level with the Integrated
Detroit™ Powertrain package. This combines the down sped DD15
with the direct drive DT12 transmission and specific rear axle ratios to
provide the industry’s most efficient powertrain package.

Available with

toughness 5700xe
support for 5700xe
drivers interior

North American built.
One truck at a time.

Like every Western Star truck,
the all-new 5700XE is manufactured in the
United States. At our state-of-the-art Daimler
plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, each 5700
is assembled by hand, using the best Daimler
technology available. It’s not the least expensive
way to do it, but it’s the way we believe in.

USA built

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Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck
Western Star 5700XE Truck

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