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Western Star 5700XE
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Western Star Sleeper Line up


Industry surveys show that Western Star owners continue to rank their trucks among the highest in customer satisfaction, year after year. Western Star owners don’t just like their trucks. They love them.

For turning mountains into molehills. For making even the toughest jobs seem like just another day, in the freezing sub-arctic temperatures of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies or near the boiling heat of the Indonesian jungle or the Australian Outback. They love the big steel cab that’s gained a reputation among drivers for its durability and quiet ride. They trust the Western Star logo, the symbol of pride and power.

They love their trucks as much as we love building them. When they’re not driving them, they’re talking about them. The quality. Their traditional good looks. How tough they are, their custom specs, how no two are exactly the same. The fact that you can take them where a lot of other trucks wouldn’t even think of going...into oil fields and mine pits and washed out logging trails.

Owning a Western Star is a mark of distinction. It says that when there’s work to be done, you’re the one to call. It identifies you as being a successful business person, as reliable and long lasting as your
Western Star.

A Western Star is something you earn…a reward for doing the work you love.

4900 EX
4900 FA
4900 SA
49 Model designation for all Western Star highway and severe duty products.
FA Designates a set-forward front axle for vocational and highway applications.
SA Designates a set-back front axle for vocational and highway applications.
EX Designates a set-forward front axle with extended hood for vocational & highway applications.
6900 XD Class 9 Truck 69 Model designation for extreme-duty vocational product.
XD Designates a set-back front axle extreme-duty applications.
LowMax Both the 4900 EX and 4900 FA LowMax are designed for Owner-Operators who demand the maximum in pride and performance set at almost a foot lower than typical configurations.
Stratosphere Stratosphere designates a sleeper configuration.
109" BBC Western Star Truck
Western Star Stratosphere
Western Star 6900 XD

Western Star of Southern California is the leading provider of premium heavy duty trucks on the West Coast. The Western Star Truck product line includes the most diverse and extreme truck solutions. Whether you need a long haul freeway truck, bulk or auto haul, to the more specialized dump, logging, mixer, heavy haul, towing, or crane trucks, Western Star Trucks of So Cal provides premium heavy duty trucks. Other industries include Military, oil, mining, ems and unique fire truck equipment.
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