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Western Star 5700XE
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Truck Vocations & Types

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No matter what kind of truck you need, Western Star of Southern California promises you that we have a truck to fit your needs. Western Star Trucks motto is "Serious Trucks", and with good reason, each and every truck that bears the Western Star name is designed and built specifically for our customers demands, our trucks aren't cooked to order, they are made with care and attention to detail to meet your exact vocational requirement.

Need a Long Haul Sleeper cargo container truck, with extra power for that special job that other truckers can't take? What about a 109" BBC daycab for that extra maneuverability when space is at a premium? Our trucks are flexible enough to accomplish any trucking task, and they do it in style.

Western Star 6900XD Export4900SA Bulk Haul4900FA Twin Steer4900EX Logger

Western Star of Southern California is the leading provider of premium heavy duty trucks on the West Coast. The Western Star Truck product line includes the most diverse and extreme truck solutions. Whether you need a long haul freeway truck, bulk or auto haul, to the more specialized dump, logging, mixer, heavy haul, towing, or crane trucks, Western Star Trucks of So Cal provides premium heavy duty trucks. Other industries include Military, oil, mining, ems and unique fire truck equipment.
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