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Western Star Truck Emissions

Truck EmissionsThe 2010 EPA emissions regulations require a 90% cut in NOx emissions, and California has even more stringent regulations. We can offer a miriade of strategies to help you navigate the regulations as they apply to your truck operations.

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We will build strategies with one thing in mind; accomplishing your compliance as cost effectively as possible, we believe that our customers health will also promote our companies health, this will be a team effort from start to finish.

What is SCR?SCR is a simple, cost-effective NOx reduction solution that delivers reduced maintenance, increased fuel economy and requires fewer regenerations. The SCR process represents proven, road-tested technology with significant advantages for the environment and your business.

When you consider the full scope of your business -- fuel efficiency, ease of operations, reliability, maintenance training -- you'll likely come to the same conclusion we did: SCR is the best option out there for 2010 EPA standards.

  • SCR: 3-5% improvement in fuel efficiency
  • SCR: As simple as filling a tank
  • SCR: Emissions technology proven for the past four years in Europe

Western Star of Southern California is the leading provider of premium heavy duty trucks on the West Coast. The Western Star Truck product line includes the most diverse and extreme truck solutions. Whether you need a long haul freeway truck, bulk or auto haul, to the more specialized dump, logging, mixer, heavy haul, towing, or crane trucks, Western Star Trucks of So Cal provides premium heavy duty trucks. Other industries include Military, oil, mining, ems and unique fire truck equipment.
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